The contrast between the various peoples of Uganda reflects the variety of surroundings and is demonstrated in the multiplicity of cultures, traditions and norms. Uganda has various cultural institutions e.g Buganda with the Kabaka as the cultural head, Bunyoro(Omukama), Ankole(Omugabe), Bukonjo(Omumbere), Iteso( Emoromor), Busoga( Kyabazinga) etc. Also cultural sites are important to certain groups e.g Kasubi Tombs (burial grounds for Kabakas) and Naggalabi (where the Kingdom started) are particularly important to the Baganda.  Some groups further practice cultural norms e.g the Bagisu and Sabiny practice circumcision.

The union of many people with their own traditional lands, customs, and ways of life has created Uganda. These varying cultures are kept alive by many colorful ceremonies marking specific historical events celebrating the seasons of the year, child births and the deaths of very old people. Spontaneous dancing and music are typical occurrences during such celebrations and also the way of life in Uganda. Visitors are often welcome to observe these ceremonies – although as a courtesy tourists should always ask permission before taking photographs.

Visitors can remind themselves of Uganda’s rich cultural heritage by taking home a souvenir. In every village the people are skilled in creating colorful arts and crafts, both traditional and modern. Items include colorful mats in traditional patterns and drums from Buganda; baskets and ware from Toro; clay pots made near Entebbe (Kajjansi); mats and cushions made from bark cloth of omutaba tree; musical instruments from Teso; and wooden carving from Mbarara and Karamoja.
Kisa Uganda Safaris is ready to take you to all these cultural sites.

Kisa Uganda Safaris organizes adventure safaris to various parts of Uganda. Wildlife safaris are among the adventure tours we organize. During an adventure safari to one of the parks and sites in Uganda, you will be able to see animals like mountain gorillas which can be tracked in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.  Gorilla tracking is a major tourist appeal especially in Bwindi.

There are chimpanzees in the Kibale Forest National Park which offers the best tracking activity for these primates… Baboons, Colobus monkeys, Blue Red tail monkeys, etc.

Kisa Uganda Safaris also organizes safaris to Kyambura Wildlife Reserve which is part of Queen Elizabeth National Park and supports Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards, Hogs and others.  Kibale Forest National Park is one of the unique and stately forests in Uganda.

There are horseback riding safaris and you can explore the excitement of the river Nile by rafting. Quad riding and mountain biking and hiking are also possible. For the adventures tourist we have it all. Uganda is THE destination for a great combination of wildlife, culture, adventure, leisure and business.