Our Safaris


“To depart on a safari is not only a physical act, it is also a gesture. You leave behind the worries, the strains, the irritations of life among people under pressure, and enter the world of creatures who are pressed into no moulds, but have only to be themselves; bonds loosen, anxiety fades, the mind closes against the world you left behind like a folding sea anemone.” – Elspeth Huxley, The Flame Trees of Thika.

Kisa Safaris strives to construct and embellish a hand-tailored safari that meets your keen interests; eloquent luxury, undisputed comfort, the quaint proximity to nature and beauty, wildlife in its plenitude, and to warm-hearted local people of the unalloyed African origin. It is truly African. We are therefore committed to offering you a soul-enriching wildlife safari vacation to Africa — and Uganda in particular — at your price, pace and time. We grace you with a number of tour packages that include tracking the majestic Gorillas of Bwindi, the colossal cascades of the Murchison Falls, the strenuous but exhilarating hiking of the cheery and pacifying Mountains of the snow-capped Rwenzori, the combing of the unending parched landscapes of Kidepo, the viewing of the unique gamelands of Queen Elizabeth where you are likely to bump into a marvellous profusion of the Defassa Waterbuck or a momentous movement of Buffalo, or clap eyes on a gallumphing hippo before a gusty breeze of Lake Katwe, the sightseeing of the flamingo-thronged Lake Kanyampaka, and all the lesser-known, bountifully beautiful, isolated game parks across the Pearl of Africa.
A memorable African safari excursion that is great value for money, filled with exquisite fun and uniqueness awaits you! Your dream vacation starts here and now!