Uganda Hiking Safaris

Mountain hiking: This activity involves walking in mountainous environments, on what is referred to as hiking trails. Although it is normally done for adventure purposes, it also has some health benefits such as improving in the mental health of the hiker, as well as reduction of hypertension. Kisa Safaris takes you for mountain hiking to the Rwenzoris and Mt. Elgon.

Hiking the Rwenzoris
Commonly referred to as the “mountains of the moon”, Mt. Rwenzori is located in the western part of Uganda. The mountain houses a forest and it is found in an extremely humid area that gave rise to the Mt Rwenzori national park.  It is a block mountain that comprises of six massifs that are separated by deep gorges.  The massifs include; Mount Speke, Mount Baker, Mount Emin,

Mount Gessi, Mount Luigi di Savoia and Mount Stanley. Mount Stanley is the laargest, with several subsidiaries and the permanently snow-capped Margherita peak is its highest point. The most commonly used hiking trails are the central circuit and the kilembe trails.

Lower Big Bog

Hiking Mt  Elgon
Considered as the fourth highest mountain in East Africa, Mt Elgon is found in the Eastern part of Uganda. It hosts a forest, which favored the birth of Mt. Elgon national park.

The mountain is less congested, with a milder climate – which makes it easier to access throughout the year.  It is very suitable for less- experienced hikers because it has a lower elevation. It has various hiking trails, the most notable ones being the Sasa trail, Sipi trail, as well as the Piswa trail.