How To Prevent Wasp Attacks During Gorilla Trekking

  1. Use a Deet based Insect Repellent:  While the repellent may not work a 100% with Wasps, it seems to help.  We recommend the Deet-Based Australian RID product. Recommended by WebMD.
  2. Do not use Perfumes, Colognes, After-Shave Lotions: You do not want to smell like a Flower.  Heavy Scent like a flower attracts Wasps.  When you go Gorilla Trekking, don’t use it.
  3. No brightly coloured Flower Print patterned Shirts, blouses or Skirts:  Leave your Tropical Shirts at the Lodge, you are not going to a Luau, but a Gorilla Trek.
  4. If you have long Hair – tie it in a Ponytail:  This helps with Wasps not becoming entangled in your hair.
  5. Take no Sodas on Trek stick to Bottled Water:  Best not to bring any sugary things on the Gorilla Trek
  6. Wear the Right Clothing for your Gorilla Trek:  Long Trousers, long-sleeved shirt, hat, boots, thick hiking socks, tuck trousers into socks, tough gardening gloves, Hat, especially tight fitting caps are good. Have a light rain jacket with you.  This can be used to cover your face and head should there be a wasp attack. When disturbed, wasps direct their attack against dark coloured objects, stick with a neutral colour like khaki.
  7. Take a Shower the morning of Trek:  Wasps become agitated by the strong odour of sweat. To keep under their scent-radar, freshen up—preferably with unscented soap and water before your Gorilla Trek.
  8. On the Gorilla Trek: Stay ware-Try to stay away from Wasp nests and hives—they will defend their territory. If you see a lot of wasps about, point it out to the Ranger leading the Trekking Party.
  9. Eating your Packed Lunch:  Just make sure your food is not attracting wasps.  You certainly do not want to bite into one.
  10. Look-Out for Wasps on the Trek: Keep a look out for the flight paths of wasps approaching their nests. If possible detour around them, but one or two people moving relatively quickly can usually pass close to a nest entrance without harm.

11:  Stay away from Wasp Nests:  We recommend that you stay well away from wasp nests’ Wasps, pheromones act as an alarm. They are secreted by some of the group when they think they are in danger, like if the nest is disturbed or one of them is killed. The rest of the wasps react to the pheromones by swarming out of the nest and attacking the intruder.