Uganda Adventure Trips

Adventure Trips & Tours.
Beside the hiking safaris to the mountains and other places in the wilderness, we also take you for adventure tour/ trips especially in Jinja. Our adventure trips are designed in such a way that you can have one either at the beginning or (and most preferably) at the end of your safari. They are normally excursions of a half day, 1 or 2days trips that can be done even when you have come to Uganda for business, conferences, mission, mention it. Some of these trips include; Bungee jumping, white water rafting as well as quad biking

Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping is described as a sport where the participantdownload free-falls from a platform, springing up and down from tension. It’s about attempting to do something that you thought you couldn’t do and also overcoming your inner most fears with an adrenaline rush!

It involves a number of techniques and set ups such as the swan dive, back dive, bat dive (hanging upside down and dropped) and lastly the water touchdown were the jump is calculated so that the jumper dips into the water without submersion. A boat is always ready for you down at the river, so that you are picked and do not have to swim after your jump.

At the moment, the only place in Uganda where bungee jumping is carried out is in Jinja, at the Nile River.  It is done on the Nile High Bungee – a 44m plunge into the river, at the source.
This is a once in a while lifetime experience that you cannot afford to miss and the trained personnel at the place will take you through all the tips, and will advise accordingly.

White water rafting
imagesBesides bungee jumping, another activity on our list of adventure trips in Uganda is white water rafting. The activity is carried out on the mighty river Nile ( with its base in Jinja – Bujagali falls) and it involves sailing along the rapids. Bujagali falls fosters some of the best rapids that the world has to offer, and it can accommodate any level of a rafter. Come and experience the adrenaline rush of white water rafting at this spectacular location. Rafting on the Nile is done all year round and while rafting, you will be required to put on water proof sun screen for eyes protection, as well as light clothing because most of the time is spent under the sun on the water while rafting.